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New 3D tablets even change established legal and tax aspects
Medical Technology & Healthcare · 23. Dezember 2020
3D printing of tablets will generate new framework conditions even for tax-relevant processes. Is the VAT charged in the country where the printing material is produced or in the country (if not the same country) where the final product of the 3D tablet is manufactured? There may well be country-specific regulations for this, so that the possibility and danger of double taxation arises.
Medical Technology & Healthcare · 06. November 2020
How do employees of research institutes assess this assessment of the quantum leap potential of the 3D tablet? It seems that so far, especially English pharmaceutical research institutes have been dealing with the topic of 3D printing of tablets, at least if one judges by the corresponding publications. Since the methodology of 3D printing of tablets is not yet fully developed, there are still interesting research areas for galenics.

Medical Technology & Healthcare · 04. August 2020
What really "rocked" the pharmaceutical market? OK, gene therapy, personalized medicine ..., but the latter may not be finished yet. Here comes a "gap" that start-ups can or could fill. Here is a list of 3D related start-ups and options. Thus the 3D printing of tablets should establish itself as an interesting and lucrative niche next to the conventional tablets produced by compaction.
If innovations fundamentally change products as well as initiate a new business model, then innovation managers should actually be sensitive. This combination results in the following example from the area of the future individualized provision of personalized medicine.

Medical Technology & Healthcare · 23. Februar 2020
Digitization creates the conditions for new business models for technology providers, especially in the health care sector. The following is an example from the area of the future individualized provision of personalized medicine. Until now, it has been left to pharmaceutical companies to produce and distribute tablets almost monopolistically and thus to take over a not inconsiderable part of the added value.
Medical Technology & Healthcare · 07. Oktober 2019
Quantum leap innovation from the point of view of the health insurer: Digitalisation is changing the demands made on health insurers. In the following an example from the area of future individualized provision of personalized medicine.

Digitalization fundamentally changes the position of the physician in relation to the patient. The following is an example from the area of the future individualized provision of personalized medicine. The physician will make a considerable contribution to the use of personalized medicine through extended diagnostics. Diagnostic markers are used purely for disease diagnosis. Predictive markers are used to predict the course of a disease or the response of a therapy.
Digitalization is fundamentally changing the relationship between me and my doctor. I suffer from diabetes or coronary heart disease or asthma or any other chronic disease that can be well managed for me by taking tablets every day. So it's not important (for the blog) which disease it is. Rather it is important to me to finally get access to the long propagated personalized medicine. In the future, personalised medicine will provide me with tailor-made therapies.

Digitization goes hand in hand with new business models. The sentence has no general validity. Sometimes even old business models are reactivated. The following is an example from the area of the future individualized provision of personalized medicine. Only a few pharmacists still produce individual prescription medicines in pharmacy laboratories today. This is still most likely true for dermatological preparations; by no means for the classical "pills" or capsules and certainly not for tablets
Digitalization, personalized medicine, 3-dimensional (D) printing, individual tablets. These keywords are all combinable in the medicine of tomorrow. Interested in how this will also change the management of your health or illness in the future? If so, then reading on should be worthwhile for you.